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Ottawa Plastic Card Printing

Printed Plastic Cards 30mil

Quality PVC Cards. Great for gift cards, loyalty cards or membership cards.

$548.00 SALE: $465.80

Frosted Plastic Business Cards

Stunning Frosted Plastic Cards! typically used as a unique business card.

$648.00 SALE: $594.00

Gift Card Holders

Complete the presentation with a custom printed plastic card holder.

$439.00 SALE: $398.00

Ottawa Plastic Cards are printed in full color and display crisp and vibrant graphics extremely well!

These commercial quality cards are perfect for use as:

Plastic Gift cards: Promote your brand identity and encourage customers to return to your business. Gift cards almost ensure a return visit of your existing customer or a new customer to your business. They allow you to pre-sell your services and research says that the customer will most likely make a larger purchase then the amount on the gift card. Ottawa Printing offers the right plastic card technology for your POS system;  choose from magnetic stripes or different types of barcodes and numbering. Just let us know the specs and we will provide the right cards for any type of system -  at a much lower cost then your provider's plastic cards!

Plastic Loyalty Cards: Another great tool to build your customer's loyalty. Offer reward points or other promotions to your clients to give them an extra incentive to use your business instead of the competition.  Plastic loyalty cards are also a great tool to analyze your customer's buying habits and to track the effectiveness of your promotions. These cards work extremely well through a POS system or just as coupon-card - for example a 10% discount card that you hand out to your best customers.

Plastic Membership Cards: These are a great way to show your members that they are part of a selective group. These membership cards can be used  with barcodes, magnetic stripes, numbering or nfc chips to allow access to areas or to track their usage. These can also be used simply as a high end plastic card for your members.

Hotel Key Cards:  Very economical option for hotel key cards. From magnetic strips to nfc chip cards, we can print what you need for your system. 

Frosted Plastic Business Cards: You’re sure to leave a long-lasting impression with everyone you meet when you hand them a frosted plastic business card. These unique and modern cards are perfect for anyone looking to be on the leading edge. We also offer clear plastic and opaque plastic cards available in a full range of colours, but there is something particularly sophisticated about the look of frosted plastic business cards.


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