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Making Your Trade Show Booth Stand Out

Are you organizing a booth at an upcoming trade show in Ottawa or any other expostion in Canada? In a sea of hundreds of other booths, some run by companies who exist solely for trade shows, it can be difficult to stand out in a crowd. Having a modern, attractive tradeshow stand is crucial for any business looking to attract attention and build brand awareness at a trade show. An appealing booth catches the eye of attendees and will help to draw them in and keep them interested in the company's offerings. A well-designed booth allows businesses to make the most of their time at tradeshows by conveying their message quickly, efficiently and effectively. In addition, good design helps with branding – attendees are more likely to remember a business that has an aesthetically pleasing booth. By investing in an up-to-date tradeshow display, companies can ensure greater brand recognition and an improved return on investment from any trade show they attend.
With these tips and help from Ottawa Printing, you can make your trade show booth stand out and get the brand exposure and sales you expect:

Invest in visually appealing displays and signage

Trade shows have massive floor space. You want to have professional and attractive signage that draws eyes from the other side of the room, and also compels visitors to stop in instead of walking by.

Popup tradeshow booths are an easy and effective way for businesses to make a great impression at trade shows. They are quick and simple to set up, making them perfect for last-minute shows or those who need to switch from one booth to another in the same show. Popup tradeshow displays also come flat packed, meaning they’re lightweight and easy to transport. As well as being efficient, a pop up trade show display can be designed with eye-catching graphics and styles, helping businesses stand out from the competition. In addition, their ease of use makes them ideal for those who want to complete their exhibition setup quickly before visitors arrive. Trade show pop up displays are a fantastic option when it comes to creating an engaging display that is sure to turn heads at any trade show.

Tension fabric displays are also popular due to their eye-catching designs and graphics that help businesses make an impact with attendees. In addition, they require minimal setup time and can be used with other exhibiting elements such as banner stands or lighting packages. All of these features make tension fabric displays a great choice for any business looking to create a memorable and engaging tradeshow booth.

Retractable or rollup displays are a popular way for businesses to make an impression at trade shows. They are lightweight, easy to transport and set up in no time – making them perfect for those with limited setup time before visitors arrive. These banners also come in bold and eye-catching designs, ensuring your business stands out from the competition. Retractable banners can be used on their own, but they can also be combined with other exhibiting items like portable backdrops, custom printed banners or lighting packages to create a more impactful display. With all these benefits, it’s clear that retractable or retractable banner stands are an excellent option when it comes to creating a memorable tradeshow booth that is sure to leave a lasting impression.

Custom printed tablecloths are a great way for businesses to make an impression at their next trade show or event. Not only do they look professional and stylish, but they can also be designed with your company’s logo, slogan, or other personal touches to give it a truly personal touch. These tablecloths come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so you can find one that fits perfectly with your display setup. Furthermore, custom printed tablecloths will draw attention to your business and help you stand out from the competition – making them a must-have for any exhibitor looking to leave an impact.

Custom printed canopy tents are an excellent way to make your business stand out at outdoor events. These tents offer ample space and visibility, allowing customers to easily find your booth or vendor area. Additionally, custom prints on your canopy tent help to reinforce brand awareness and give it a professional look. Whether you opt for a simple logo or an eye-catching design, these tents will surely draw attention at any event. With their weather-resistant construction, these custom printed tents can be used for all seasons, making them perfect for those with recurring outdoor events.

Custom printed feather flags or Teardrop flags are a great way to make your business stand out. These lightweight flags come in a variety of shapes and sizes, making them perfect for outdoor events. With vibrant colors, full-color prints and long-lasting construction, they draw the eyes of passersby who will be impressed with your brand’s professional look. Whether you opt for a feather flag or teardrop flag, your logo will look crisp and clear at any distance, attracting potential customers to your booth or store front. They can also be easily setup, taken down, and moved quickly without much hassle, so you don't have to overcomplicate your marketing efforts at events.


Printing flyers, Presentation folders and high end business cards for use at a tradeshow is an essential part of making your mark on the show floor. Flyers and brochures give people a way to take home detailed information about your products or services and explain why you are the better choice compared to other exhibitors. Pocket Folders give your potential customers an organized way to keep track of all the different pieces of literature they receive from you, and business cards make it easy for people to remember who you are and how to contact you after the show. With these tools in hand, you have everything you need to get maximum ROI out of any trade show event.

Demos & Interaction

Having demos and interactive experiences at an exhibition is essential for capturing the attention of your potential customers. Through these demonstrations, people can get a better understanding of how your product or service works and how it can benefit them. Moreover, interactive experiences such as quizzes and games make the whole experience more engaging and entertaining while also providing you with valuable insights into what kind of content resonates most with your target audience. Ultimately, having demo and interactive experiences at an exhibition will help you leave a lasting impression on attendees, making them more likely to remember your brand in the future..


Using technology at a tradeshow can greatly increase your ROI by providing an engaging experience for your potential customers. With technologies such as virtual reality and interactive touchscreens, you can easily showcase the features of your product or service in an immersive way that people are not likely to forget. Furthermore, technology can also be used to collect more detailed customer data which can be used to tailor future marketing campaigns. Overall, using technology at a tradeshow is essential for creating a memorable experience and helping you maximize returns from the event.

Giveaways and promotional items

Having giveaways and promotional items is an important part of any tradeshow. People love receiving free stuff, especially when it's related to a product or service that they might be interested in. Giveaways are also a great way to draw more attention to your promotional events and increase foot traffic. Moreover, having promotional items with your logo or branding on them like custom printed coffee cups can help spread awareness about your company and build a stronger connection with potential customers. Ultimately, investing in giveaways and promotional items at a tradeshow is essential for creating positive associations with your brand and driving sales in the long run.


Having a successful tradeshow booth is about more than just setting up a great display. It's important to have knowledgeable staff on hand to answer questions, create engaging promotional items, and utilize the latest technologies to take full advantage of the event. Furthermore, it's also important to be prepared with multiple ways of analyzing customer data and measuring your ROI. By keeping these points in mind while attending a tradeshow, you can be sure to maximize your success at the event.

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