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Ottawa Business Card Printing

Laminated Business Cards

Most Popular. Choose Glossy, Mat or Ultra soft Lamination

$98.00 SALE: $88.00

Spot Varnish Business Cards

Laminated with an Extra Spot Varnish to highlight any area of your card.

$228.00 SALE: $218.00

Foil Business Cards

Entry level to our higher end cards with Unique Metallic Finishes.

$278.00 SALE: $258.00

Standard Business Cards

Our most Economical cards that we offer. Excellent value!

$52.00 SALE: $46.00

Exclusive Business Cards

Our Highest End cards with All the Finishes Imaginable!

$298.00 SALE: $288.00

Appointment Cards

Need to easily write on your cards? Try our Writeable Appointment Cards.

$69.00 SALE: $64.86

Even the slickest sales pitch can be derailed when you go to hand your potential client a home-printed or generic business card.

Don’t leave anything to chance – invest in professional business cards from our Ottawa printing services. If you want to look sharp, these premium business cards create quite the impression. That’s why we offer you the best business cards online service in Canada. At Ottawa Printing, we have everything you need to create and print your own custom business cards Whether you are in Toronto or any other city, you can get your business card design delivered across Canada to your door in no time. You can also track your order online, and contact us anytime if you have any questions or concerns. Please see below for more information on the different options that we have available:


Whether you want a vibrant and shiny gloss laminated finish or smooth and sophisticated matte lamination, both premium options make a great first impression. You may prefer one lamination option over the other depending on your personality or industry. Glossy lamination makes a bold first impression, while matte lamination and soft touch lamination are refined and subtle.

Spot Gloss

If you can’t choose between gloss and matte, there is no need to worry. With spot gloss business cards, you get the best of both worlds. Use spot gloss to highlight particular features on your business cards (like your logo, or a background image) while applying a sleek matte finish to the rest of the card. Elegant spot gloss cards can really contribute to a sharp first impression.

Foil Effects

You can add a subtle hint of colour with foil effects over your logo or lettering, or add a big boost of shine by choosing to have the entire business card background made out of foil material. Whichever you choose, the effect can be quite dazzling. Foil effects can be used in a variety of ways, adding a vibrant shock of rainbow colour or a classy touch of gold shine.


Our Ottawa printing services also offer embossed business cards. Embossing, with raised print or images, engages the tactile sense. The unique feel and texture can make your business cards stand out in a crowd of generic cards. The three-dimensional element adds a distinctive touch.

Unique Shapes

If you hand someone a generic rectangle business card with square edges, it might just get thrown into the pile. That’s why we offer unique shaping options to help your die cut business card stand out and making a strong first impression. Rounded corners make a nice companion to your smooth sales pitch.

Glossy business cards or matte business cards?

It's a question that has stumped many small business owners. The two main types of business cards are glossy and matte, but which one is the right choice for your business? There are a few things to consider when making your decision. Firstly, glossy business cards tend to be more expensive than matte business cards. Secondly, glossy cards may show fingerprints more easily than matte cards. Finally, some people prefer the look and feel of matte cards, while others find glossy cards more professional. Ultimately, the decision between glossy and matte business cards is a personal one. Consider your budget and your brand identity when making your choice. Another great option is to print Plastic Business Cards, which are extremely sturdy and memorable. 


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