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Why You Should Use Postcards as Part of Your Branding

Why You Should Use Postcards as Part of Your Branding
There is no one perfect marketing tool to promote your brand, but considering postcards as part of your branding initiative makes solid business sense for several reasons.


Perfect Size for Saving and Sharing

Postcards aren’t just for mailing. They can also be a stellar conversation starter during trade shows or other events. Postcards are generally printed on thicker card stock and are more durable than items such as flyers or half-sheets of printed information. Their size makes them big enough to pack eye-catching graphics and information on, yet small enough that potential customers can put them on a fridge or in a purse without taking up too much room.


Inexpensive, Yet Still Impressive

In general, you can get postcards printed online for a fraction of the cost of producing other marketing materials or giveaways. When you want to stand out from the crowd, postcards offer the personal touch and versatility that most other marketing methods can't match. Have only a small marketing budget? No problem! Postcards have great value for the size and the marketing message on them really packs a punch. Want to make an even bigger impression? Postcards come in a variety of sizes to meet your needs.


Bring Customers into Your Store

Mailing inexpensive postcards can be a great way to drive foot traffic with an offer or discount code. Postcards from Ottawa Print also offer a way to extend your brand outside normal channels by reinforcing your logo, colours and messaging to a new medium. Email is so prevalent these days that good old-fashioned physical mailings can capture new attention.


Target your Best Customers

Smart data mining of your customer database should provide you with a list of your best quality customers. Incentivize those customers to do business with you, or offer customized offers for different market segments. The beauty of postcards is that they offer mass customization without excessive additional cost. Want to A/B test two different messages? Try sending each message to a small portion of your customer list and see which segment responds the best!


Nice and Easy

Online printing companies often offer to do the mailing for you when you order their postcards, so mailing postcards becomes as easy as uploading your graphics and message and uploading your customer list. Individual letter mailings can be much more time-intensive and involved and may not generate the return needed for the additional cost.

Postcard marketing is a flexible way to extend your brand, keeping your name, logo and messages in front of customers in a variety of ways. Order postcards through Ottawa Print and make a lasting impression on your customers.

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