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What is the Right Colour Palette for Your Brand?

What is the Right Colour Palette for Your Brand
Those who know anything about marketing and online printing know the value of a good colour palette. The colours you choose to represent your brand can make a big difference in the success of your endeavours. Pick the wrong palette and you give your clientele the wrong idea about your company. You need to know how important it is to choose the correct colour palette for your brand, and you have to know how to do that.


Understanding How Colour Affects the Human Psyche

Did you know that colour combinations have a direct and immediate effect on human behaviour? Subdued colours, pastels, and neutrals are quite calming to a person’s psyche. As a stark contrast, bright colours, neon hues, and primaries are more stimulating. You’ll want to use this knowledge to help you choose the perfect colour palette for your brand.


Developing the Right Colour Palette for Your Brand

Granted, there are literally thousands of colours from which to choose. However, knowing how colours affect behavior and understanding how your company is related to that will most certainly help. When choosing your favorite colours, be sure to consider the following:


  • What is Your Brand’s Message?

    Was your brand created to inspire people or to calm them? Are you providing a service that requires them to act quickly or is your brand representing something timeless? The colours you choose for your brand will have to showcase this decision, so choose wisely.


  • What is Your Brand’s Mood?

    The mood of your brand is also very important. Aside from the message you wish to share with your potential clientele, their demeanour when approaching your company matters as well. Choose a palette that serve dual purposes – something colourful that creates a number of different emotions. This will help your company reach the maximum number of clients within your chosen demographic.


  • Who Are You Trying to Reach?

    Speaking of demographic, the type of people you reach with the colours of your brand is vital. Catching the attention of the right customers is what determines the success of your company. You probably wouldn’t use neon colours to attract a group of solemn people, nor would you use subdued colours to get people excited about your goods or services.



Take the time to consider how colours change the world’s perspective of your brand. Choose wisely. The colour palette you pick will become your company’s legacy. Once you settle on a colour palette, come to Ottawa print for all of your online printing needs.

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