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What Type of Business Card Creates an Impression?

What Type of Business Card Creates an Impression?
In short, yes business cards do still matter and they will continue to matter for quite some time looking in to the future regardless of advances in technology.
Despite coming into the paperless era where everything can be done with a computer or a smartphone, something as simple and modest as a business card will always remain an important item for those trying to market and promote their business.


Exchanging Contact Information

Contact information today is commonly exchanged by inputting each other’s information into a cell phone. However in this form of transaction, there lacks a certain amount of context and personalization. In the situation where you are at a networking event or in a circumstance where contact information will be exchanged, it can be difficult to make a lasting impression on a person when it is just a name and a number in a phone. The person you are trying to market yourself to will only see a name and a number in a sea of other people’s contact information, causing you to be at risk of being forgotten.


Make an Impression

By having a good business card to give out, you create the context needed to make yourself memorable. There is an intimate interaction occurring when business cards are exchanged. The face-to-face contact of giving a tangible piece of “you” to someone makes for a more profound experience. This is what helps separate you from the rest. It can also be a great conversational piece if they don’t have their card on them to give to you or they point out something unique about your card. This provides a lasting impact of you and the exchange. Making this impression is crucial especially at large networking events where hundreds of people may be exchanging contact information over the course of the event.


Represent Your Image/Brand

When you give someone your card, that little piece of paper is what represents you and your image/brand. The texture of the card, the colouring, the font size, and various other superficial aspects of a contact card are what give someone an impression of you as a person and your business. Having a good business card will make you stand out and can be a good way to showcase some of your work if you are a graphic designer or an artist.


Advertise Yourself

Business cards are also a faster way to advertise yourself. If you are trying to market yourself or your business to as many people as possible, giving someone your card is much faster approach. It can be difficult and time-consuming to persuade a stranger to put your contact information into their phone or vice versa. With a business card, transactions can be quick, easy and efficient.
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