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How to Choose the Best Online Printing Service

How to Choose the Best Online Printing Service
Gone are the days when you take your print job down the road to your friend’s shop, when you had no choice but to wait a few weeks before picking it up. Today’s print needs are for high-quality, low prices, and fast turnaround, all of which an online printing service like Ottawa Print can provide. Here are some of the factors you should consider when making your decision.


Reliability is Critical

Maybe you need booklets for an upcoming meeting with your board or presentation to some shareholders. Maybe you just need flyers for your daughter’s soccer team’s upcoming fundraiser. No matter your printing needs, choosing a company that you can trust to deliver a quality product for a reasonable price in the timeframe you agreed upon is more important than ever before.


Check Reviews

One of the benefits of choosing an online printer is the power of personal reviews from other customers. While you shouldn’t put too much stock in a single bad review, you can often judge the overall sentiment by reading a variety of reviews online or asking colleagues or friends for a recommendation.


Can They Meet Your Deadline?

With the speed of business and life today, turnaround times on specific jobs are often a deciding factor in choosing a printer--sometimes with more importance than cost or quality! Posted print deadlines inspire confidence, letting you know that the printer has a full understanding of their capabilities.


Customer Service Matters

Even if your order is placed online and you never speak with someone on the phone or in person, customer service can still be a critical component in assuring your order is produced accurately. The quality of customer service really becomes important when you need a rush job, when you need to make quick changes to an order that’s already been placed, and certainly when you encounter a problem with your order.


Think Green

More companies these days are focused on sustainability, so knowing that your printer provides eco-friendly marketing materials can give you an edge over the competition when differentiation is important.


Plan for the Future

You wouldn’t choose a restaurant that only specializes in french fries, so why would you choose a printer that only prints business cards? Think about your needs for the next three to four months. Will you need flyers, postcards, printed posters, and a brochure? Forming a longer-term relationship with an online printer can boost savings with frequent-buyer programs or coupons.

Choosing an online printer like Ottawa Print can be challenging due to the vast number of businesses currently in that space. Making an informed decision now can provide benefits not only on your current project but far into the future.

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