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Design a Better Business Card with These Tips

As a small business owner, attempting to stand out in a crowded market can feel like an uphill battle sometimes. If used right, your business card can be the most powerful tool in your marketing arsenal. The right business card will make a great impression with potential customers so they will follow up with you and (hopefully) lead to a sale or even a lifetime customer.

Understanding Colour in Print and on Screen

Considering how important business cards are to small business owners, why do we settle for cards printed on our home ink jets, or sold to the lowest bidder online who doesn’t care at all about quality? You deserve better, so consider these tips for designing a better business card:


Choose a Layout that Demands Attention

Think of how you feel when someone hands you a business card and it has NAME. CONTACT INFO. in the blandest presentation possible. Sure, some are “spiced” up with some colour or a picture, but let’s be honest, these aren't impressing anybody. Step outside of the box and get creative. How about a full colour background that represents your products, services, or ethos? Be creative with font size. Shouldn’t your name be bigger and bolder to stand out? Tasteful use of boxes, shadows, borders, and other effects can be applied as individual features or in combination to enhance the visual look. If you aren’t sure, Ottawa Print can assist with the design for an attractive and modern look.


More than Contact Information

Business cards are such powerful marketing tools, why do we restrict them to just conveying our contact information? If you are an insurance broker, how about including a checklist for safe driving tips or fire prevention? If you want to show your value and connection to the local community, how about including schedules for upcoming local events and festivals or sporting events? You can even get cute and include a knock-knock joke or fortune. You can add value by making your business card a coupon for discounted products or service. How about leveraging your business connections – present this card for 20% of at a popular local restaurant. Get creative!


Use Premium Printing

At Ottawa Print, we believe in providing wholesale prices for high-quality printing to all of our customers. Our goal is to make your printing look and feel expensive and luxurious to your customers…but you know you paid a reasonable price. Choose high-quality paper, plastic, or linen. Choose from a variety of amazing effects like foil, lamination, spot varnish, embossing, and more!

Say goodbye to cheap and generic business cards. You deserve a better business card, and now you know how to design them thanks to these tips. Contact Ottawa Print for more information!

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