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The Benefits of Plastic Business Cards

If you are considering updating your business cards, you’ll notice that there are many different materials and effects that you can choose from. From standard business cards to ones made of linen, recycled materials, with lamination, or with foil and emboss effects, these are just some of the options available to you. If you want to make a lasting impression, consider investing in plastic business cards. Here are some of the key benefits of plastic business cards:



Traditional business cards are made from paper stock. Even the thickest, most premium paper stock has vulnerabilities in comparison with plastic. If your client bends or folds a paper card, they’ll probably just throw it away before every using the contact information. Plus the contact info is more likely to become unreadable in the folds. Plastic business cards are durable and your information will stay visible forever with no risk of bending or wrinkling.


First Impression

Let’s face it – nowadays, you’re not going to impress anyone handing them a standard paper stock business card. But hand a potential customer a plastic business card, and you’ll stand out. They’ll remember you and your brand, and your unique approach will leave a lasting impression in the minds of every current and potential customer.


Differentiate Your Business

If you operate in a crowded industry, it’s the little things that make your business stand out. When you can hand out plastic business cards instead of generic paper stock cards, you’re automatically forming a positive association the minds of your customers. You’re demonstrating that you’re a company that thinks and operates differently, and is willing to invest in premium products to benefit the customer.



Nobody is excited to get handed a traditional business card. They probably just stuff it back in their wallet or pocket and forget about it soon afterward. Plastic business cards, on the other hand, are perceived as more valuable. They feel smooth, they look impressive, and they are altogether preferable to traditional business cards. They look and feel like a credit card or gift card, and will be treated by your customers as a more valuable product than a paper business card.

Contact Ottawa Print today or visit our website to order plastic business cards. We can help you design a professional plastic business card that represents the colours, logo, and tone of your business. Our plastic business cards are available with a variety of impressive features, like translucent inks and foil stamping.

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