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5 Tips for Effective Business Cards

5 tips for effective business cards
First impressions last – from the time you shake hands, to the moment you exchange business cards, your potential business partner will probably pay attention to all the little details. In the business world, it’s important to put our best foot forward each and every time. And to make sure that you leave a lasting good impression, it’s best to leave behind a high-quality business card.

Business cards aren’t simply random pieces of paper with your information – business cards tell your potential business partners just who you are and what kind of work you do. The detail that goes into your business card plays an important role in whether or not someone will contact you in the future, so it’s important to take the look and style of our cards into careful consideration. There are only five things we really need to take care of when designing an effective business card, and Ottawa Print is here to walk you through the whole process.


High-Quality Paper or Board

Handing out little scraps of paper with your name and number might not last long enough, especially if it’s just going to get crumpled and folded up in someone’s wallet. Making use of high-quality paper or board will prolong the life of your business card and ensure that people will still be able to read your information and contact you even if time passes by.


Clear, Colourful Design

A clear, eye-catching design is always a good idea. This means your potential business partner will never lose sight of your card, no matter where it’s tucked away in their wallet. Bonus points if you incorporate your company’s colours.


Complete Information

There’s nothing more ineffective than a business card without enough information. If you want your potential partners to be able to reach you with ease, make sure you provide them with enough information so you’re never too hard to contact.


Attractive Logo

Placing your company logo won’t only boost client recognition, it also improves trust. By making use of an attractive company logo, you associate yourself with the business and thus put yourself in a position to receive more calls from potential partners.


Catchy Slogan

It’s always fun to read catchy slogans, so why not put one on your card? A catch phrase that’s not only witty but also easy to remember will ensure that clients will remember you, even when they don’t have your business card in their hands.

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