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5 Reasons to Market Your Business with Postcards

5 Reasons to Market Your Business with Postcards
are pretty affordable marketing options for entrepreneurs and they allow entrepreneurs to connect with plenty of prospective sales leads. As well, they help to build connections with existing clients. Once you’ve learned five reasons to market your business with postcards from Ottawa Print, you’ll become a true believer!

By making a minor or moderate investment in these picturesque cards, you’ll be able to employ a tried-and-true marketing strategy that may improve foot traffic, web traffic and sales. Whether you operate exclusively online or run a bricks-and-mortar concern, you’ll find that choosing postcards helps you to expand your reach, no matter how you actually conduct your business affairs.



Postcards typically cost a few hundred bucks a batch, so you won’t need to spend a fortune trying out this interesting marketing gambit. Of course, you can spend more if you like. However, if you’re on a budget, as so many entrepreneurs are, you’ll find that it’s possible to get going with a postcard campaign cheaply. Price different batch of postcards in order to find the right deal.


Personal Vibe

You will connect in a more personal way with postcards, as people relate postcards to personal messages. They feel they’re being spoken to directly when they read postcards and this is just one more great reason to give them a try. Try to speak to your “ideal customer” when you’re creating copy for your postcards. Make your message as personal and targeted as it can be.


Gains Readership

It’s really easy to send postcards to an existing mailing list and they may also be left at hubs in the community, such as coffeehouses, community colleges and community centers. So, it’s possible to dramatically expand a readership with these handy little cards. Focus on creating attractive cards which stand out, as the best designs are more likely to be picked up and examined.



Postcard design may be configured to your exact specifications. It may also be changed from batch to batch in order to promote new stock or special offers. These are versatile marketing tools and they are very sensible due to this feature.


Complement Other Marketing Initiatives

Lastly, you’ll find that other marketing initiatives gel with postcards. For example, you may create postcards that promote the same goods, services, special events or special offers that you are promoting via direct email campaigns or online.

Now that you know five great reasons to use postcards as promotional tools, why not try them today? Order postcards from Ottawa Print and take advantage of the many business marketing benefits to be found.

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