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5 Mistakes People Make While Ordering Prints


Ordering prints can be overwhelming, especially if you’ve never gone through the process before. It’s easy to make a mistake, and when it happens, it can cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars. Luckily, you don’t have to learn the hard way. We’ll show you the 5 biggest mistakes people make while ordering prints so you can avoid any costly blunders.

Cheaping Out


It’s hard to ignore a good bargain price. But when it comes to your prints, it’s best to pay for quality materials, especially when they’re representing your business. Instead, look for a combination of high-quality printing at reasonable prices so that you can get more for what you pay for.


Paying for Hidden Costs


Have you ever placed your order to realize the total cost paid was higher than the cart cost? If this sounds familiar, you’ve been a victim of some annoying hidden fees. In most cases, the cost is in relation to the shipping fees which are often calculated after you have selected the product. So before you place an order, make sure that all the fees are included or clearly outlined in the price. Even better, look for a business that offers free and fast shipping like Ottawa Print.


Asking for a Quote


Don’t waste your time going through a quoting procedure - it could take weeks to get your product ordered, printed and shipped to your door. In today’s hectic world, you should have a service that includes a quick and easy ordering process. That way you can order your print job in a matter of minutes and avoid the hassle of waiting for a quote.


Not Reviewing the File Upload


If you don’t check your graphics file after uploading it and before purchasing, you could end up with a pixelated print. This is a common mistake that many people make. To avoid this costly disaster, only use a high-resolution file, follow the online instructions posted by the company, and make sure you carefully review the file before proceeding to pay.


Using a Company That Doesn’t Offer a Guarantee


Even when you’re issuing a small print job, you should always check whether or not the company offers a quality guarantee. A guarantee by nature is a form of consumer protection that ensures if the product arrives with a defect or unexpected issue, you can receive a refund or reprint at no cost to you. If there’s no guarantee offered, you may not be able to return the product even if there’s an issue on their end.


At Ottawa Print, we help you avoid these common 5 mistakes people make while ordering printing. In our shop, we only use the highest-quality print materials and inks at wholesale prices. Our ordering process is also quick and easy, with all of our pricing posted directly on the site so you know what you’re paying. We also offer free shipping across Canada and have a quality guarantee to ensure you get exactly what you asked for. Visit us today or check out our wide range of services available online.



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